West Gunfighter Game Review

West Gunfighter Game Review

West Gunfighter is an exciting and frantic shooting game in which you must make your way throughout the wild west either on horseback or by foot, while shooting various enemies and collecting objects along the way. If you love watching westerns or current television shows such as Westworld, this is the chance to have first-hand experience of life in the wild west. The storyline centers around a group of men who survived the shoot out at the OK Corral. They were left with no choice but to relocate to an old west town. However, there are others who want to stop them from doing so, and in order to do so they hire a band of tough guys called the West Gang. Along the way you will also encounter other interesting characters such as a vicious bull, and a wide variety of weapons and ammunition.

West Gunfighter is one of four games developed by Crave Entertainment, which is published by Crave Entertainment. The other three are: Curse of Monkey Fist, Dusty Mountain Mystery, and Westward iii. Each game in the series has been developed in a unique style and features a unique storyline. As far as the minigames are concerned, each one follows the gameplay pattern set by the previous one. You will need to use your shooting skills to solve puzzles and complete objectives while destroying the enemies and acquiring new weapons in order to advance through the levels.

In the game, you will need to collect items such as bullets, dynamite, and the West Gunfighter suit in order to progress through the game. The story line revolves around a man called West, who becomes obsessed with shooting evil villains in order to protect his hometown. To get to the top of the hill where all the evil villains hide, you will need to shoot the many barrels on the left as well as the right side of the screen. The minigames of West Gunfighter revolve around these barrel locations.

As the game progresses, you will find that the storyline evolves and changes as per the situation. The minigames also contain hidden objects, which help you in progressing through the levels quickly. The storyline of West Gunfighter includes a prison break, a rescue attempt at a dam, a prison fight, and so on. The main villain of the game is Big Boss, a man called the Big Shot who commands a gang of guards.

West Gunfighter was developing using the XNA Game Studio technology. The game is made to run using the Direct X 9.0. The game is designed so that the players will need to shoot enemies using their weaponry such as a shotgun or bow and arrow. The aim of the game is to kill as many targets as possible within a short period of time. The minigames are also based on the law enforcement officers involved in a shoot out.

West Gunfighter features a single-life level. The player has limited ammunition and must shoot down every enemy without letting them live long enough. The player can continue shooting until all the targets have been killed. The game has an over-all score, which represents the total number of lives that you have been able to maintain. The player’s scores are saved in files and can be retrieved using the Game Genie.

For some people, this game has a challenging core. For others, it’s a nice relaxing time. Whatever your preference is, the game provides a great entertainment option. Even if you’re a hardcore gamer, you’ll find that these games are very entertaining.

West Gunfighter requires that you have a PC capable of running the Windows program. There is no other requirement apart from that the game has a high-quality graphics card and sound system. If you are a casual gamer, the game may not appeal to you. But if you enjoy playing strategy games, this game is definitely something worth checking out. Try it and see what you think!

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